Dental Comfort Academy - Dentists Dedicated To Patient Comfort

The Dental Comfort Academy was founded by Josh Bernstein, DDS, to bring together dentists who are dedicated to their patients' comfort and patients who want to know that their dentists really care about them.

At the Dental Comfort Academy, we offer a unique opportunity for member dentists from all over the world to share their techniques - including sedation dentistry, anesthesia techniques, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and much more with each other so each member can provide the absolute best - and most comfortable - dentistry to his or her patients.

We also want to become a resource for people all over the world who have avoided dental exams or dental treatments because they did not trust their dentist to minimize or eliminate their concerns and their pain.  Over time, we hope and expect that people considering dental treatment will look for dentists who have demonstrated a commitment to comfort by participating in the Dental Comfort Academy.

Please join the Dental Comfort Academy Community today by setting up a profile.  You can post a blog or comment or participate in one of the forum discussions.  General membership in the DCA is free. In the future, there will be a monthly membership fee for listed dentists and vendors - but not for patients. Join the DCA now and find out what comfort is all about.

In addition, please explore the articles and interviews to learn about comfort in dental treatment.

Featured Article

by Josh Bernstein, DDS

As we read articles and attend lectures on providing the best possible dental care to our patients, we learn about new materials, the best techniques, creature comforts, customer service, communication, attractive financing, etc...

Featured Interview

Interview Questions

Debra, Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with the DCA online.You have got to be one of the most accomplished dentists in the country -and probably the most most accomplished female dentist. Were you this spectacular in elementary school, too?!

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